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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

War in the Precincts Part 12

Sid’s Gwinda joined in, “The MP went mad and ordered his robots, to serve tea that is also called Rooibos.”
“What kind of rhyme is that?” questioned Sid.
“Assonance,” shouted Gwinda.
“No need to be rude dear,” reprimanded Sid, “we are in company after all.”
They all four did a little tap dance and finished in style.
“Very good,” cheered Splob, “you could do that as part of the finale.”
“I hate musicals,” grumped Grunkel, “if I had known this was going to be a musical then I wouldn’t have accepted the part. After all I have a clause in my Funny Character Union contract saying I don’t have to do musicals.”
“Not even for a laugh?” asked Splob.
“Not even for a laugh.”

“A1,” screamed the MP, if in fact an AI computer entity could scream and not just raise the volume he/it spoke at.
The chief security droid scuttered in.
“What happened this time?” asked the MP.
“The blast doors stopped us from accessing the main plaza area.”
“I know, I do process all of the information I receive from the surveillance equipment from all 24 precincts.”
“Then why did you ask?”
“To make you feel uncomfortable so that you would complete the task I gave you.”
“I do not feel anything, I am a security robot.”

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