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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Romancing The Drone: CHAPTER ONE


The TCHQ Special Equipment development department was also known as X’s section. Arthur was there getting his battlesuit retro-fitted and X had botched the electrics slightly meaning he couldn’t move his limbs. “X,” he bawled, “if you cannot fix the electrics soon then let me out of the suit, I need refreshment.”
“Calm down Arthur,” admonished X as he re-attached a wire.
Arthur found he could move in his suit again, “Whew, it is so infuriating being unable to move, I feel like a pea in a pod.”
“No popping out of your pod please,” said X, “not until after I have finished. Miss Funnypenny is of a nervous disposition.”
Miss Funnypenny was standing near the sliding doors, biting her lip and holding a clipboard.
Arthur looked over to her and hissed, “Funnypenny, sounds like something you get at a counterfeiter’s reunion, always turns up when least expected.”
“You need to come with me agent Arthur,” ordered Miss Funnypenny.”
“Why?” asked Arthur.
“N wants to see you.”
“Shall I get out of my battlesuit first?”
“Pop out of it if you want.”
Arthur took his armour off piece by piece with X’s help. He then walked with Miss Funnypenny to the lift. “What does he want me for this time? I have not done anything wrong in the last 24 hours.”
“He has a mission for you.”
“At last, I haven’t been on a mission since I got my licence to make people laugh!”
“Very funny double ha 7.”

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