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Monday, 13 February 2012

War in the Precincts part 11

“Alright alright,” interjected Sid, “there’s no need to make a song and a dance over it.”
“We could make up a song and a dance now if you want?”
“About Conan?”
“No, about ‘The War in the Precincts’.”
“But it’s not even finished yet, the Author’s only written about 1,500 words so far.”
“2118,” I said as I interrupted.
“Ok 2118,” said Sid.
“Doesn’t that get on your nerves?” asked Sidney.
“When the Author says, ‘Said Sid’.”
“I know, I said something about it in a piece of flash fiction he wrote last year, but he still writes it.”
Sidney grabbed his Gwinda’s hand and dragged her off the stool she was sitting on.
“I’ll sing you a song with some words and a rhyme, about a war in the precincts, a battle in time,” he sang.
“Well that’s not strictly true,” said Sid (again), “the Time Backwater is outside of time…”
“Sing!” exclaimed Sidney.
Sid grabbed his Gwinda’s and sang, “The Time Backwater is where we are, before we came here we were in a car…”
Sidney looked at Sid but decided to carry on, “I’ve seen the droids…”
His Gwinda butted in, “Do we get to sing or not?” she asked as Sidney twirled her around.
“Aww, go on then.” relented Sidney.
“The Gwindas one and two were there, until that time they hadn’t a care…”

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