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Thursday, 9 February 2012

War in the Precincts part 8

She glared at him.
“That’s a nice glare dear, if you practice it you can turn it into a glaringly obvious example of matrimonial discord.”
“I’ve met someone like you before,” noted Splob, “a dwarf by the name of Sid.”
“Really,” replied Sidney, “which dimension did he come from?”
“Fantasy I think, well that’s where dwarves usually come from.”
“Maybe he’s from a different dimension?”
“Which dimension do you come from?”
“You don’t look very romantic?”
“Our rose coloured spectacles are both in for repair.”
“Poor things,” commented Grunkel, “now you know what normal relationships are like in the other dimensions.”
Splob looked at Sidney, “So where were you travelling to?”
“The 2012 Olympics in the science fiction dimension.”
“Was that one in London on the planet Erath?”
“Yes, we booked it two years ago to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary.”
“Why the Olympics?”
“We have been to the 2012 Olympics for the past six years, just in different dimensions.”
“What was it like in the horror dimension?”
“Have you ever been on the edge of the mats when a Bigfoot is finishing his floor routine with a triple back flip?”
“No, but I have been rowing with the owl and the pussycat and found out they were just normal animals and couldn’t row a boat.”
“Scary,” they both said.

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