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Tuesday, 31 December 2013


“The Lord is like a shoving leopard,” spoonerised Sid.
“That’s one of Reverend Spooner’s spoonerisms,” corrected Arthur.
“So, so is ‘Here are my nephew and niece Steak and Kidney’.”
Arthur groaned a, “Kate and Sidney you mean.”
“A roonerspism is a spoonerism of spoonerism.”
“Say boodgye.”
“But we aren’t finished yet?”
“I am I’m tired, after all it is 12:45 am on January the 1st.”
“But now it is 12:46 as this is being typed in.”
“Teing byped in?”
“That’s not a good or funny spoonerism.”
“What is a good and funny spoonerism then?”
“Bappy hirthday?”
“Funny, not.”
“Tube Rude?”
“Ing Karthur?”
Arthur shook his head.
“I know.”
“Go on then, don’t leave us in suspense.”
“Nappy You Here.”
“That’s not funny!”
“It is now the Author has dressed you in a nappy!”
And I had. Happy New Year everyone!

(This should only really be read near or just after New Year.)

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