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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Valve scam

I managed to finish typing in chapter 4 of SAASA today. Haven't had chance to put it on Wattpad yet. Have had to do all of my reTweeting on an iPad.

Today I found out about a new type of scam, sort of. The other day my wife went out in the car and got a puncture. Somebody helped her pump it up (the funny thing was that when it went down again at her mother's the neighbour offered to help her and it turned out to be the same man!) and she was able to get home. Today when it went down it was too bad. I managed to pump it up but the valve appeared faulty. It got me round to my brother-in-law's garage and my son-in-law got me a replacement. When he replaced the valve I told him that my tyre and two of the tyres of different neighbours had also gone flat in the past week. He told me about a sort of scam where scrap metal collectors let down tyres on purpose. If they still find the tyres flat after a few days then they ask at the owner's houses to see if they want to sell the car.

When he checked my old valve it appeared as though somebody had tried to remove it already with the wrong kind of tool.

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