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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Mooncash coffee

"This coffee is rubbish," moaned Arthur as he sat in the Mooncash coffee house that had been created especially for the Arth series characters on precinct 11.
"Some like it hot," replied Sid.
"Are we doing film titles now?" Arthur asked.
"If you think you're funny enough."
"That's a website for comedians isn't it?"
"Yes it is, but you still haven't replied to my film title yet."
"The good, the bad and the ugly."
"I'm the good, you're the bad, who's the ugly?"
"The coffee was bad, you're the ugly." Arthur waited for Sid to both calm down a bit and say another film title that might be funny in some way.
"The fast and the furious."
"That sounds a bit like you running after me with your battle axe."
"What I want to know," wondered Sid as he handled his battle axe, "is why you are getting all the punch lines and not me?"
"Maybe the Author wanted you to chase me with your axe as a bit of light relief." said Arthur as he ran away from the axe wielding dwarf.
"I'll give you a bit of light relief, I'll relieve your head from your shoulders," shouted Sid as he chased the king while brandishing his axe.

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