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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Yesterday's Punchline

I typed in 200 words of SAASA chapter three and put it on Wattpad. Also put the full, as yet unproofed, version of The Victoria Conspiracy and Attack on Thera on Wattpad.

"So you want me to say something funny?" said Sid.
"Something funny?" I replied.
"No I'm supposed to say something funny, not you."
"Go on then."
"Say something funny."
"Something funny..."
"Now that's the kind of humour that has made me an internationally unrecognised Author."
"More fool you, you should have let me do the punchline."
"Go on then."
"Two boxers in a ring, what does one say to the other?"
"You do the punchline?"
"That is the punchline."
"The punchline is 'you do the punchline'?"
Sid just walked away without even replying and thought I wish I was in the ring with the Author, I'd show him the punchline then!

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