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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Work in Progress

"WIP," began Arthur as he sat upon the park bench in the middle of precinct 12 sipping a puggleberry shake.
"What do you want to whip?" asked Sid the dwarf who sat by him eating a reflection bar.
"I meant Work in Progress."
"I couldn't tell the difference between you saying whip and WIP. Can't you put a bit of a huh in the whip?"
"A bit like wuh-hip."
"Yeah, that'll do."
"I sound like somebody trying to be hip or cool."
"It is unusual for you, but wonders will never cease to amaze me." Sid looked at Arthur's shake, "Do you mean his shaking hands or his drink Author?" he asked me.
"His drink, I never noticed his hands shaking."
"Are his hands shaking?"
Arthur's hands were shaking.
"Why are your hands shaking?" Sid asked Arthur.
"Don't you know?"
"Well this shake is extremely cold."
"What is a puggleberry anyway?"
"I don't know, it tastes a bit like a cross between a plum and a strawberry."
"It should really be called a plumberry then."
"A plumberry," mused Arthur, "that sounds a bit like a rich toff wearing a beret."
Sid shook his head and took another bite of his reflection bar, "Roll on tomorrow's story," he sighed.

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