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Monday, 23 December 2013


"It is instantaneous," replied I, "it's just that I haven't had the time to complete the story in one day."
Sid shook his head.
Then Gwinda came in, "What are you doing here?" she said quite grumpily.
"Hah, and you call me the grumpy one," he countered her remark, well not countered...
She slapped her woman's magazine on the chair-side table.
Sid looked a little bothered, "Can't you use another synonym for little? And not small!" he said in a height conscious way.
Sid looked slightly bothered.
"And you should be a little bothered Sid," she fumed at him. "You've forgotten our anniversary haven't you. Swanning around saving the seven dimensions with old la-de-da Arthur and you can't even be bothered to come home to see me! On our anniversary!"
"B-but I..." he began, but didn't have time to finish.
"No buts, you know I don't like buts," she sat there with crossed arms.
"Now then Author," whispered Sid to me, "you know perfectly well that I got that puttlewhack in good time for our anniversary. It's you messing around that has got me into trouble."
"So you think I should do a time freeze, set the clocks back and put a smile on Gwinda's face?"
"At least."
So I did.

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