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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Two Sid's

Sid ran over to the hologram creation hub. He tapped some parameters into it, "Parameters shamameters," he moaned, "come on, hurry up." Another Sid the dwarf appeared in front of him.
"Two Sid the dwarves," said I, "why is that Sid?"
"I am hoping that two Sid's is funnier than one."
"Are what? Or are you trying to be a pirate 'Arrrr!'"
"Sid, it's getting close to Christmas, talking like a pirate day was months ago."
"So instead of saying yo ho ho, I should be saying ho ho ho?"
"That sounds about right."
"So what about me?" asked the second Sid.
"So so so," so'd I.
"Sounds like a slave driver in a sweatshop," joked the real Sid.

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