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Saturday, 14 December 2013

TTB story one

I was up too late last night changing the story round for Attack on Thera. Tried to plan a few ideas for it today but I really need to sit down quietly and put my imagination to work.

I will try to write a Sid and Arthur short story every day until the 31st. Some stories will be shorter than others.

Somewhere in the Time Backwater, where Fayebaloo and Splob have now (if you can have a now in the Time Backwater) made their home. They wanted to be quite close to the pneuma lifts so that they could listen to the music. They no longer had to steal from the acquisition machines and life was pretty decent, they even had proper jobs. Fayebaloo fixed broken droids and she had the head of one in her hands, "Alas poor Yorick..." she began to quote.
"Began to quote," said Sid, "that sounds a bit like an estate agent who just goes to give a quote and something happens to him or her."
Fayebaloo dropped the head, "Yikes!" she yiked, "I thought you were Splob. What are you doing in our home?"
"I came to see you."
"Don't you knock?"
"Only my knees sometimes, in desperate situations, but I don't like to confess that too often in case they think I'm a coward."
"Noel Coward?"
"No El, that sounds either like Superman's cousin or someone who is related to Santa Claus."
She picked the head up again and then asked him, "So is this visit for any other reason than the Author wanted to write a short funny story to give away free over Christmas?"
Sid thought for a bit then he pondered, "No."
"I think you'll have to make it a bit funnier than that."
"No blurple?"
"What's blurple got to do with it?"
"It's a funny word so that makes it funnier."
"Sillier if you ask me."
"I didn't."
"Ask you."
"Well maybe you should have, or at least knocked before you turned up."
"Shall I do the knocking thing again Author?" he asked me.
"You didn't knock the first time," said I, "that's why she's complaining."
"But you had me appear here, so it's your fault."
"Your fault," mused I, "that sounds like something my mother-in-law would say to me, especially over Christmas."
Sid and Fayebaloo looked at each other and did that hand sign that lets people know that 'he's a bit mad' before I made him vanish again until the next short story.

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