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Thursday, 5 December 2013

LMB if you know what I mea...

So today my greenhouse blew a piece of perspex out. A piece of perspex hit the Sky LMB and snapped the holding ring, I've had to fix it with Sellotape for now, and my dustbins fell over. I was praying in the bath that my windows on the greenhouse wouldn't blow out, that was one of the problems it is supposed to have. I didn't finish putting that one in properly the other night. It now has a chip in one of the corners. I felt a bit of a failure that my stuff had fallen apart after prayer. I sort of prayed that other people's slates wouldn't fall off etc. I did not watch the news (after all the LMB did break when I started watching it) until tonight. My small events were nothing compared to the whole east side of the country!

I did manage to write 500 words of SAASA and type in about 200. Also put about 150 words of it on Wattpad. Also started revising and editing Attack on Thera. Queen Victoria is no longer rescued half way through but now at the end. (Which means she isn't rescued yet seeing as I haven't finished the end!)

Today's joke is:

Why do fish live in salt water?

Because pepper makes them sneeze!

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