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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Holiday Pun Battle

"So what shall we pun about?" asked Arthur.
"Happy holidays," replied Sid.
"Just holidays, so people can read this short story all year."
"So you expect people to read this short story all year?"
"If you can be funny enough."
"Why...." Arthur picked up something to hit Sid with.
"May day,"
"Who are you asking to rescue you?" asked Arthur as he refrained from hitting Sid on the head with a wet fish.
"That's the holiday pun, your turn."
"Oh," thought Arthur as he dropped the fish. "I think I had better punch you instead."
"Boxing day?"
"Wait until the day before Saturday, the weather is supposed to be excellent."
"Good Friday?"
"I think I need a vacation from this story."
"Leave then."
"Annual leave?"
"Oh. Er, I like that heavy rock group that sang 'Paranoid'."
"Who was that then?"
"Black Sabbatical?"
"I know why you like that song, it's because you are paranoid. Let's go and get some money for a slap up fish dinner."
"We can't."
"The banks are closed. It's a bank holiday."
Just then this short story ended quite abruptly.

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