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Friday, 3 January 2014

500 words a day.

I didn't post anything yesterday or the day before (as evidenced by looking at the previous two days posts!) Over Christmas I wrote a short Sid and Arthur short story each day which makes a total of about 4,000 words. Now they are sort of finished I will put them on Smashwords for free and hope that I can generate some sales of the main books off the back of it. I did write about 400 words of chapter 9 of Attack on Thera over the same period. I will try to write 500 words a day and finish it in three weeks. I did have to change it because they seemed to have completed what they needed to in 6 chapters and the rest seemed to be filling. Now that has reminded me that they still need to rescue the queen, I had forgotten about that. Thanks for reminding me!

Today's joke (from a Christmas cracker) is:

Where does a dressmaker build her house?

On the outskirts!

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