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Monday, 12 March 2012

Romancing the Drone part 21

“Goodbye,” replied Arthur as he cancelled the call. He then put the phone back in his pocket.
“I thought that phone was in your holdall?” queried Sid
“It was,” replied Arthur, “continuity mistake maybe? Never mind it’s in my pocket now.” Arthur looked beyond the tree cover. “Where are we then?”
“In a wooded area, near some trees, by a copse.”
“I can see that, although that description is the same thing thrice. I meant are we in St. Cyrilsburg?”
“Yes, in a wooded area. Near some trees…”
Arthur stared down at Sid trying to let him know that he was being annoyed.
“By a copse?” finished Sid simperingly.
“Did you not see I was annoyed with you?”
“I thought it would be funny.”
“You thought it would be funny?” said Arthur, hands on hips.
“If you don’t stop trying to bully me I will leave you in this wooded area, near some trees by a copse.”
“Oh really, and you think the Author would allow that?”
“I don’t care about him, if I want to leave I will,” Sid left and as he did so he turned his helmet speakers up to loud.
“Great,” mumbled Arthur, “I needed him to get me into the CGB compound. I do not even know where it is.”
Arthur looked through the things in his bag. He found a map of the compound on his phone. He then used his sat nav to look for the CGB compound, but of course he couldn’t find it. “Where is the flubbing thing?” he flubbed.

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