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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kendra Part 3 & 4

Cephras looked at his son, cowering in a damp hole in the ground. They had known that God would keep His word and flood the whole planet. Cephras had wanted to save his son and his wife. They had built no Ark, but there were underground caves that could be made to be watertight, away from the raging torrents of the deep. They had food to eat and the light of glowing creatures to live by. Cephras could pass through the walls of the cave, he could travel between heaven and earth, but his son was dead to such things. His son would have to survive until the waters subsided.
“Father, how long do we have to be here?” cried his son, in anguish of spirit knowing full well that at his father’s whim he could die here.
Cephras stared at his offspring, “Maybe until the Sun has had its full cycle. Three hundred days.” The evil angel seemed to show little emotion.
“That long. I do not have enough food or water to survive that long. What are we to do?” Cephrasi hit a rock in anger breaking his skin slightly. It calmed him a little, brought clarity to his mind.
“There is enough food for one, I made sure of that.” He stood back and looked at the pile of provisions heaped near the back of the cave.
Cephrasi looked at his wife who was washing her hair in a pond. He caught her by the neck and forced her face into the water. She struggled for a minute. “Now I shall survive,” he whispered.
His father looked on. “Yes my son, you have enough food now.”

Kendra had stayed at home for a year until the waters had subsided. He decided to travel to the earth to see what it was like. He appeared in the sea and could see a mountain top with the ark on. There was still the smell of animals, but at least it was not raining. The door was open and a lot of creatures could be seen swarming around the mountain. Noah was there with his wife and one of his sons. They had just eaten a meal and were chatting, warmed by the Sun.
He swam to the mountain island, other peaks could be seen in the mountain range all popping their heads above the surface of the water. Kendra could see the remains of seeds scattered by Noah and his sons to feed those animals that ate grain. Hunters were fishing in the sea, the bear, the wild cat, and the tiger. Kendra was amazed that none of the animals had eaten each other. He could also see an altar upon which animals had been sacrificed. A cat nudged itself against his leg, he bent to stroke it. It reminded him of a cat he had many years ago. Soon, he thought, soon there will be enough men upon the earth to tend and train its wilderness, to bring to life the fruit and fauna so lacking at the moment.

He saw one of Noah’s sons, who had separated himself from the others. The son looked mean and bitter, he was using a stick to drive the animals he came across from his path. Then he sat on a stone, spitting curses.
Kendra bobbed down and listened.
“...curse me does he because I saw him in his nakedness and told my brethren. He’ll see, I’ll break the curse and make my brothers serve me instead...”
The Nephilim realised that there must have been some kind of argument and was turning to leave when he saw three angels looking at him.
“Why are you here Nephilim? What is your purpose? asked the lead angel who stood at about 7 foot, clothed in silver raiment and holding a bronze coloured spear.
“I was just seeing how Noah and his family were doing after their ordeal.” He was stunned and his lips dried a little, being put on the spot by one of his father’s own.
You have not been assigned the duty to guard them, you do not need to be here, said the second angel.
It would be well with you if you stayed in the bosom, until more of the earth is revealed, said the third angel.
Kendra looked away then back again before he concentrated and then was back in the Bosom.

Time passed. He lived happily with his wife but he was bored. He had liked the freedom he could have on the earth, he missed it. There was peace in the Bosom but no excitement. Everything was calm and ordered there was no strife. Kendra longed for the time when he was a hero, when he led men in battle. How his heart sang when he surveyed his mighty men charging at full speed towards their foe. The many footfalls forcing dust from the dry earth into the air around their feet, a storm of death.
Why do you ponder so Kendra? asked Salinas, she looked concerned because he was quiet and ponderous.
He splayed his hands out on the roughly hewn table and stretched slightly, “I think of fights of old and my part in them.
Most men would long to have what you have, peace, a wife, land to grow and produce on.
But I get bored Salinas. This is why I help my father with his guard duties.” He leaned back on his chair slightly to look her in the eye.
But being a guardian is dangerous. Especially when there are others more powerful than you,” she pointed at him with her sword-like finger, “who would kill you as look at you.
He looked away from her not wanting a confrontation and hoping for a little sympathy from the woman he loved. “I long for more time on the earth, a time of greatness and bold deeds.
You can take the hero out of the fight but you cannot take the fight out of the hero.” That sounded like a quote from somewhere she thought.

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