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Monday, 5 March 2012

Romancing the Drone part 13

“So you do want to freeze then? If you wanted to try out cryogenics you should have put it into your will. It’s easier to fly over the sea until we get to within 100 miles.”
“I am a bit bothered about Fawh, With, Biggs and Lee,” said the Author, “they haven’t appeared in this book yet and it’s chapter two.”
Arthur thought for a bit, “And there’s nobody whose name sounds like a question.”
“That is right,” said Arthur, “What, When, Why , Was, Where – With they are all characters in the previous books.”
“So what do you suggest?”
“An evil spy master called Doctor Know?” suggested Sid.
“Know is not really a question,” I thought, “and I might get into trouble with Ian Fleming’s estate, it sounds the same as the first film.”
“What other questions could you name a character after?” enquired Arthur.
“Whom?” thought Sid.
“Not really, that’s too much like Doctor Who.”
“How, Which?”
“That’s good, Doctor How could be the evil genius you meet later on in the book,” said I.
“But it doesn’t begin with the letter W,” noticed Sid, “like the previous characters.”
“Whow with a silent W?” suggested Arthur.
“But that’ll play havoc with the reading facility on the kindle,” I explained, “it had enough bother with Featherstonehaugh in the fourth book.”
“It will just have to be one of those things,” shrugged Arthur.
“So have you decided how you are going to incorporate the others into the book?” asked Sid.
“I think they may have to rescue you at some point.”
“Great,” greated Arthur, “looks like things are not going to go smoothly in this book either.” He picked up the bag and followed his friend as Sid hovered down the stairs.

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