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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Kendra next part

The Bosom of Abraham existed in the crossover point between heaven and earth. From there even could be seen the place where the damned dwell, separated by a gigantic chasm below the membrane between them. It was ever light, lit by the light of heaven. A man could live there, for the physical makeup was the same as the earth, grass, rocks, water. It was large, like a massive island ripped from the earth itself and suspended between there and heaven. Pass through the almost invisible barrier and you were in heaven. To get to the earth needed bending of the lines to travel between planes. This was a gift to some, those who are the sons of angels and the righteous men and women that populate it.
As with those on the earth, the population started off in family groups. Children were born to them and eventually the city was built. One created never to know war nor want.
Salinas was sitting in the house when Kendra appeared from the garden. She smiled winsomely to him. “I have some news my dear.”
“What is that?”
“I am with child.”
“We have waited an age for this blessing!”

Kendra’s son, Chelnuk, was an astute boy. Many a time he could be seen bartering in the city and coming back with a good deal. He preferred fruit and vegetables to meat or chicken. One of his hobbies was to collect things from the land of men. Anything his father could bring back with him. A trumpet, battered from being in battle, a short bronze sword – chipped from fighting, a hair brush (that really was his mother’s but which he kept in his collection.) His sister collected shells and even he had some, but he thought they were a bit boring. Things that were special to him were the things his father used in battle. One unusual thing was a cartwheel that his father had killed a mighty enemy warrior with. He had specifically asked his father to retrieve it from the battle scene. It was used as his bed head. To it were pinned all sorts of small keepsakes, a feather from a peacock (not native to the Bosom), a dragon’s tooth, a picture drawn on a leaf and many other things.
He would sit on his bed with his collection of coins and imagine himself as a king in charge of finances, having to pay for war or providing for the needs of his people. His sister would tease him and knock his piles of coins over then he would tease her back and hide her shells, especially the bigger ones. Sarine, Kendra’s daughter, looked under her bed. There were lots of things under her bed including many shells, but not the bright blue conch shell.
“Mum, Chelnuk has hidden one of my shells again!” she whined.
“Chelnuk, why do you tease her so?”
“She knocked my coins over!” replied Chelnuk.
“Help me find it mum?” asked Sarine.
“I am too busy. I need to prepare a meal for you father. If you still have not found it later I will help you.”

The little girl drew out a stool from her desk and stood on it to look at the topmost shelf but still could not find it.
“Now where could he have put it?” she asked herself.
Getting off the stool and skipping to her parent’s room she looked in their blanket box. Sure enough, tucked under the bottom most blanket was the blue conch shell.
This teasing was all good natured, there being no evil spiritual influence felt in the Bosom for the demons were kept out by the membrane that existed between the Blighted Land and the Bosom.

Sometimes Chelnuk would go down to look at the chasm, and across it to see if he could see any of those damned to destruction. Many a time did he see a disembodied spirit or what seemed to be a floating jellyfish throw itself at the membrane. His mother had told him never to tarry too long near it or to look into evil that was on the other side. But he was intrigued about the life that flowed back and forth over the dark part of the land that was ripped from the earth when the Bosom was created long ago.
As Chelnuk stared across the chasm, Kendra appeared by his side. “Son, why do you stare so through the membrane?”
Chelnuk jolted, as if being caught doing something wrong, “No reason Father,” he said averting his eyes.
“Oh Chelnuk, even looking at this distance into evil causes you to be deceitful.”
“Sorry Father, I just like looking at the shapes of the spirits and seeing if I can spot people, or other Nephilim.”
“Well then, the truth at last. Do not be eager to leave the Bosom my son, for if you do, and go into the world of men, you will experience all forms of temptation and sin. Thence may you also find out your heart, whether it is good or evil, and so be separated from us for ever if evil is found in you.”
“But Father, how do I know if I am good or evil?”
“Only our Lord knows who are his in this place. I pray that you are His.” He ruffled Chelnuk by the hair and said, “Let’s be home now to taste your mother’s fine meal.” Then, “did you get the peppers from the barter I told you about?”
“Yes, but they are a bit small. I think he picked them too early.” They made their way back home.

Kendra was a little distant at mealtime. “What is it with you?” asked Salinas.
“I should be with my men, we have a battle in the next day or two and I shall not return home until it is finished.”
“I worry about you. You are not like your father, an immortal. I do not wish you to visit me as a spirit, and to spend my life as a widow in this place, until the end of time.”
He smiled at her and held her hand. “Thank you for coming to this place with me, and for understanding that my heart is both angel and man, a fighter with two halves. If I am wounded badly my father’s gift will return me here to be tended by your loving hands.”
She smiled and they kissed.

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