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Monday, 12 March 2012

Kendra Part 10

The dew dripped from the flowers, the grass was wet. His toes could feel the wetness as he turned and saw the black man staring back at him.
“What are you doing in my garden?” asked Nimr.
“I, er, I got lost!” replied Kendra.
“You are a big man. I could use you in my personal guard. Are you any good with a weapon?”
Kendra grasped the hilt of the sword strapped to his back and swung it to and fro. He expertly turned the blade in his hands and made cutting motions in the air letting out a cry as he hacked into a tree.
“Impressive,” nodded the ruler of Babylon, “but you have injured my tree.” He paused for a moment then offered Kendra a deal. “I’ll give you an ephah of gold for a year’s service, all the food and women you want.”
“I have a wife already.”
“So do I, but I still have all the women I want.” He laughed and Kendra did also, but in a kind of disbelief. The king, who took this to be a sign of acceptance, came over to Kendra put his arm around his back and led him to the palace.

The palace was large and was luxurious compared to the buildings surrounding it. Guards stood near the doors dressed in leather and red cloth. As they entered the hallway Kendra saw cloth hanging in tresses from the ceiling. In the Great Hall the throne stood at one end with two lit censors either side. Tables stood around the centre of the room in a giant square leaving a central area for entertainments and were set for a banquet, guests were already arriving.
“Come eat with us,” called the King.
Kendra sat in an empty space and picked a leg of beef.
“How do you like the new guard?” Nimr asked a courtier.
“He is a big one. I bet he could take three normal ones on!”
“Maybe I will get him to when he finishes eating,”
Wine flowed generously, served by women clothed in skimpy dresses. One guest grabbed a young woman. She did not resist, he pulled her up to his lips and they kissed. Kendra looked in disbelief.
“Come,” shouted a herald, and exotic dancers filled the floor. Their motions were erotic and Kendra, embarrassed, looked instead at his food.
“Why do not look at the women? You can take any you wish, have them here in front of us all, as we will.”
The Nephilim thought, “This is the kind of thing that was happening before the Flood.” He stood up and Nimr saw him.
“Will you show us all here your skills against my champion? The dancers stopped and withdrew to the edges of the room. A tall rugged guard stood up and threw the bone he was gnawing to the floor. He wiped his lips on his arm then made his way to the centre of the room. Kendra took up the challenge and walked towards the champion. No niceties, the champion swung and Kendra and caught him by surprise in the chest.

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