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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Kendra Part 1 and 2

The sky was black, the rain was endless. As far as one could see there was water, and rain, endless rain. Splashing up and down, the boat surfed through the water. It was a large structure, 75 feet wide, 200 foot long and 45 foot high covered in black pitch. If one could smell the boat from the water, it would reek of animal dung. But there was no one to see or smell the boat, except Kendra. Kendra stood upon the ark looking at the roughly worked wood of the roof. It had been moving through the water for twenty-one days now and the roof was treacherous to walk on. Still he wanted a change from the endless peace of the Bosom. The large man was soaked from his long raven black ringlets through his pale grey robe to his sandals.

Kendra concentrated in his spirit and appeared back in his garden. He could hear the bubbling of the brook and saw the luscious green of the lawn and the overhanging fruit trees cascading down to the dip where the well was. He saw his wife picking some plums with her slender hands. The basket was half full and she turned to jiggle it slightly when she saw Kendra.

“Hello darling,” she said as she walked to cuddle him.

“Hello,” he replied as he hugged her back. After a moment he looked up and noticed the veranda. “Are we expecting guests?”

“My mother and father are coming to be with us while we eat.”

“The last time I saw your father was when he watched me plant the pear trees near the hut.”

“That was a year ago.”

“He must be busy, visiting all his old friends that he used to have on earth.” He put his arm around her shoulder, she looked up at him and they both walked into their dwelling.

He was hanging around the door with his father and another angel. Cephra and his son wanted to gain entrance. Kendra was the smallest so Cephra tried to push past him. Kendra took affront. He drew his sword and held it aloft, Cephra and the others drew theirs. The good angels drew theirs last but not before Cephra tried to strike Kendra. Kendra was good, taught by his father. He parried the strike and hit Cephra on his mailed shoulder. The blow stunned Cephra for a moment. Cephra’s son caught Kendra in the ribs. His father and friend each struck Cephra and his son, they drove the evil ones back from the doorway. Kendra helped. Cephra and his son fled, as he did so the son jeered, “Next time we meet, Kendra.”

Kendra, his father and friend cheered, then Kendra noticed that there was a pain in his side. He had been wounded. Thalen his father looked at him.“Oh no Kendra, you have a serious wound. You are not a full son of God. Come let me tend you.” As he tended his son’s wound Thalen spoke softly, “You are strong and valiant in battle my son, but you are mortal. You may have speed and strength, but we angels are immortal and can never be killed lest by the command of God. You must be careful in future where you give your aid, or you will pass beyond the vale and be a spirit.”

Kendra remembered when his side twinged, he remembered Cephrasi, Cephra’s son, his mortal enemy. Salinas saw him holding his side and commented, “Are you ok? You are holding your side?”

“I was just remembering the battle I fought with Cephra and his son.” He looked into the distance.

“Why do you think of such things?” she asked wanting him to look at her.

Looking down at the sink he mused, “There was a twinge in my side. I could have done better.” He grimaced going through the motion in his mind that had ended in his injury.

“He was an angel,” she said, nudging his arm to comfort him, “you are but a Nephilim.” Would he receive her comfort or harden himself inside again as he so often did.

“But I could have killed his son. He also is a Nephilim.”

“What good would that have done, you would then have a mortal enemy in Cephras. It is better to think of good things, things that lift you up. If your mood turns to a dark one you are ill to live with. See my brother is in the garden. Tend the fruit while he is here, talk of good not ill.” Beginning to wash the fruit she hoped that a good conversation with her brother would lighten his mind.

As he passed out of the door he collected his shears and went into the garden. Timas, Salinas’ brother was there, smiling and looking at the plants. He seemed to touch the plums, but his hand passed through them. “I can never get used to being a spirit,” said Timas, smiling and with a slight air of sadness.

“I was talking to Salinas of the battle I had with Cephra and his son," said the half angel as he began to pick fruit.

“You could have been like me Kendra, a spirit, visiting his family in the Bosom. It was a blessing you were only slightly injured.”

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