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Friday, 30 March 2012


Managed to type in over 1,000 words of Kendra and 1,000 words of RTD yesterday. Also put on a bit of War in the Precincts. Toady I need to take some rubbish to the dump. Chinoiserie is a mixture of Chinese and European stylised art on pottery etc.

Managed to fix the bath plug with a small metal clip costing a couple of pence. My daughter washed the dog that doesn't mind being washed. Had to walk to Morrisons to get some passport photos. The woman on the counter gave me some 50p pieces and 3 pound coins. She said "Sometimes the pound coins don't work in the machine."
What she should have said is that they never work in the machine.
I had to ask the assistant manager to guard the booth for me while I got some more 50p's.

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