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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Romancing the Drone part 12

I wonder why he didn’t tell me this Pendragon was a fool?”
“Maybe he wanted you to find out for yourself, to give you a laugh when Pendragon failed abysmally.”
“Maybe, or maybe he is a double agent?”
“So a double vole then, that very nearly sounds like picking two e’s in countdown.”
“A double vowel.”
“That is a terrible joke Spratz, now make me my coffee.”
D’ark turned his radio on while Spratz went to make the coffee.

“Flippers,” said Arthur.
“Flippers,” replied Smithers as he put some flippers in a holdall.
“Mini cappuccino maker.”
“Mini cappuccino maker.”
“Walther PPK.”
“Walther PPK.”
“Exploding keys.”
“Exploding keys.”
“Camera phone.”
“Camera phone,” said the butler as he managed to fit the camera phone into the bag.
Sid entered Arthur’s bedroom in his battlesuit. “Are you ready yet?” he looked at the bag full of stuff, “why do ya need flippers, you’ll be in Varangia in the freezing cold, you could do with some long johns.”
“Long johns are very uncool for a super spy.”
“They May be, but you’re not a super spy.”
Arthur breathed quickly out of his nose. “Is your battlesuit fully charged up?”
“I could fly to the moon and back again. Are you sure you will be warm enough when we are flying? It gets well below you know when we’re up high. And it will take about 12 hours to get there.”
“Can we not fly over the polar ice cap?”

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