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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Raspberry Pye

I wrote about 700 words of The 24 today. Had a coffee at an adult learning drop in and one at the chaplaincy and a short one at Starbucks (not enough milk was put in the Starbucks one, now they have to pay corporation tax...) Didn't do any of my drawing. Also watched Tankeys, the BBC prog about WWII tank crews. Watched the programme about the making of The Da Vinci Code film.

So when I am famous and people discuss my books they will probably look at the above paragraph and say something like, 'He got his inspiration for the fourth book from WWII, the last book from The Da Vinci Code and most of his jokes while he was drinking coffee!!!'

(This blog post is named by my son, who did a raspberry. Then we thought pie, but he then suggested the different spelling. It has nothing to do with WWII, The Da Vinci Code or coffee.)

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