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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Better Shape

I managed to proof read the fifth and final part of Factory of Androids. I also rewrote the blurbs for FOA 10 and 12. Maybe people won't download my free stuff then slate it because they don't get the humour now. I also hand wrote another 500 words of The 24, it is very exciting and my writing was a bit rushed and untidy.

Unemployment is down again, due to more people taking part time jobs and more people getting Family Tax Credit to supplement their incomes. Just one of the lies the Government uses to make things seem as right as rain. So Fat Cats can get rich by paying just over minimum wage, meaning that their workers have to supplement their income with FTC. Then, as my old boss did, he sold the company and pocketed a couple of million. Now if he had paid proper wages and not been subsidised by the Government then maybe the economy would be in better shape.

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