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Monday, 4 February 2013


Didn't do any writing today!!! Instead I drew and added to my android picture. Started it at my daughter's with the grand kids burbling around. Then carried on at home. It is now the correct height, has full legs and slimmer hips as well as an alteration to the chests. (It has two bosooms, being a male.) have basically coloured in the top half so only need to do the legs. I plan to reduce the picture and copy it 7 times for the background, I will increase the size and repeat until there are 7 ranks with the giant robot being in rank 1.

I also drew Batman, Wonder Woman and Robert for my grand daughter. It turns out that she likes the android I have drawn for the cover as much as Batman Et al. Who ate Al I do not know, but nobody tell his mother as she will need to open a can of bull.

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