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Thursday, 14 February 2013


I managed to type in about 1,000 of FOA short story 4. When I got home I jiggled it around into the right order and have now finished it. Need to proof read it properly though. Also typed in 200 words of FOA short story 5, need to finish that tomorrow. Wrote 400 words of The 24. I have set up Kindle Select for Only When I Arth 11 for tomorrow morning.

I started to write a list of all the things I could make a comment about. It is in my bag at the moment. the biggest story is of the paralympic runner who shot his partner. He says he thought she was a thief, the police say they don't believe him. I have just watched the Mentalist, I wonder if he could figure it out? A few cups of coffee and reading of body language. Voila! Or should I say Violet (s) are blue, carnations are pink, I think his alibi, it does stink!

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