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Friday, 22 February 2013

A slight headache.

Woke with a headache and didn't have to go to uni with my wife. Worked on the FOA picture for the fifth cover. Having to redraw the robots at the back of the picture. I think I will just reverse the colours on the red one for the fourth cover. Got up to #5 in the short story sci fi charts today. So I didn't do any of the 24 today. Still have a slight headache.

A slight headache sounds like having to babysit while the boss wants you in a meeting. Now a larger headache would be knowing  that if you took your child into the meeting with you your boss would definitely sack you. And I don't mean that American football term either. Although your boss running at you and tackling you to the floor in front of your stunned child could be quite funny.

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