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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Rigging the book charts

I wrote 1,000 words of The Tower, that is now a quarter of the way through. Wrote about 300 words of The 24 and finished it. Now need to type it all in and proof read it. At Starbucks, while having a coffee for my daughter's birthday, I drew three figures that might be part of the cover for The 24.

So today's memorable news item was... Well there were two. The first is nurses funded by pharmaceutical companies but working for the NHS. Some of them seem to be pushing NHS patients into buying the products of the companies that fund them, pushing up the NHS bill. The other is Authors in America paying $50,000 for a company to buy their books one at a time to get them up to the number one spot in the book charts. It's nice to know that Authors have 50k in the bank to be able to rig the charts with. Rig the charts sounds a bit like a sailor having to use his maps as a replacement for the sails.

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