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Saturday, 2 February 2013


I managed to finish the ending of FOA. I also did an epilogue and an epilogue to the epilogue. Wrote 500 words of TST and 500 words of The 24. I have got myself into another mini battle or two before the finale. You never know I might be able to hit the 30,000 word target! Drew some more of the 4 androids on the cover. I was planning to get it finished this week but with the PC going doolally and me being ill on Thursday I am now behind.

I also read a writing article where this woman said that you should not use too many words ending in ing at the beginning of sentencing. In the previous page of writing I did last weekend I saw two sentences beginning with ing words. She said that it makes for weak writing if it is too common. Things like 'Standing, she walked to the door' and 'Turning on a lathe he made a door knob'. So I will have to check my work for too many ings. Did you know that ing on the end of place names means settlement? Therefore Standing could mean the stand settlement or hoping could mean the hop settlement. A settlement of hoppers, sounds like a bunch of hop pickers on holiday!

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