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Thursday, 7 February 2013


I typed in 1,500 words of The 24 today, in 250 word chunks on my wife's iPad. Also wrote 250 words of the same story. I had planned it a few days ago and so it flowed.

I tried looking at current political satirical programmes on YouTube today. There is a new one with Rory Bremner on Radio 4 sometime today. I thought it might help with my Will Rogers type short funny blog thing. It didn't. I had thought about talking about all the law breakers I saw on the way to university. The mobile phone car users, the cut ins, the speeders, the jay walkers, the magpies. The magpies were jumping in the road before they flew off, and I didn't see them steal anything. So, lawbreakers all over the place, it seems that people only seem to keep the law when they are being watched. A bit like musical statues, they run around until the music/policeman sees them then they stand still hoping not to be caught out.

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