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Friday, 17 May 2013


I finished writing chapter 6 of The Sun Thief although I am 200 words short of 2,500. Haven't typed any in today, a bit tired. Started to think of what the giant outpost is going to be like, whether is is nearly deserted, has giants or/and metal men. If it is nearly deserted and small then chapter 7 is not going to be very long!

Today's elephant joke is:

What's the difference between an elephant and a post box?

If you don't know then it's no use sending you to post a letter then, is it!


  1. Hi Stephen. What is your method for writing? Are you a planner or a pantser. Do you have a wordcount that you want to meet each day, or do you write for a certain amount of time? I see that you write about writing chapters. Do you write your books a chapter at a time? I would be very interested in a short article on your methods. Will be happy to RT. :-)

  2. Thanks Louise. I'll see what I can do.