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Friday, 10 May 2013

Plastic panels

I wrote 200 words on the bus as I was travelling to Norton. Finished chapter 4. Then played Dawn of War with my future son in law, he likes it. Wrote a plan of the next chapter of TST on the bus on the way back.

A funny thing. For months I have been wanting to fix the awning over the boxes in the yard, it decayed quite badly over Christmas. So I finally decided to use the plastic panels from the conservatory we were given a few years ago. Until now I hadn't wanted to because I would have liked to give it away as a whole thing. I never found any plastic stuff in the many skips that appear around town. So I used two plastic panels from the conservatory at the weekend. Guess what. I found a skip with 3 PANELS in it and the builders let me have it. When I went into the next street guess what. That's right, another plastic panel!!! the builders there said I could have that one as well. So, as soon as I had decided to bite the bullet and actually use the two of the panels that I really rather wouldn't have then I find 4 panels!!! What's that all about?

Today's elephant joke is:

What do you call a short sighted cowboy?

Squint Eastwood

(Really I should have said a small cowboy elephant in a pond = Squirt Eastwood!!!)

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