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Monday, 20 May 2013

Newish Bike

I typed in over 1,000 words of The Sun Thief and wrote another 1,000 of Chapter 7. Put chapter three on the VAE. I cycled to Starbucks on my newish bike and had a coffee with my family and wrote the 1,000 words. I have put the Tower on Amazon but it is taking a long time to come up for sale, either because it's called The Tower and there is another book of the same name or they are checking it's long enough. (After that abuse they found out about people putting short stories on of less than 6,000 words and charging 99 cents for them.)

Today's elephant joke is:

Why does an elephant wear green slippers?

So he can walk across a billiard table without being seen.

(Billiards is like pool but a lot harder.)

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