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Monday, 4 March 2013


I wrote 470 words of The tower today, with what I did extra on Saturday that means I am half way through now. They have actually got in to the bottom half of the tower. Did it in the back garden on the table, it was too cold really and I keep sneezing now. My sons fingerless gloves were not warm enough and my cup of tea soon cooled off. Still haven't finished the cover for OWIA 14 although I did work on it.

A person clipped my wing mirror today YB1O 3ULP I think. It has been clipped 3 times this year. Since we have lived here we have had the wing mirrors on our car broken at least ten times. They can see, or hear, that they have clipped or broken it but they don't stop. One fellow who did it was a driver from Viking Kitchen, he's done it twice and hasn't stopped either time!!! Maybe I should clip his pizza and say I never touched it (If that makes sense or is even funny :))

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