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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Keep Calm and Amazon

Wrote about 400 words of The Tower today, it is nearly half way through (and they still haven't got to the tower yet!) I was babysitting my one year old grandson in McDonalds while I was writing it, good job he was eating so slowly, it gave me a chance to finish it.

Today one of the news stories was of how Amazon had let a T shirt phrase generator create shameful phrases. One of them was Keep Calm and Kill Her. We have been told that it was an evil computer that generated it. Amazon should vet their computers properly so that evil ones don't get to work for them. Now when I created my Keep Calm and Tidy for my Facebook friends I only got two shares! I thought tidying would make some people calm, but not enough of my friends thought so. (Does tidying calm you down?)

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