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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Get it Right

Have written just over 500 words of The Tower. Also figured out where I need to start typing in the end of The 24 and typed in about 50 words. Looked at my drawing for the cover for The 24 but I really need to make a model or diorama to get it right.

Now when I was in Starbucks earlier my wife asked if I had done my tweets and if I had written my blog. I said I couldn't write my blog because I hadn't finished my writing yet. So I sort of wrote the blog saying I had done 400 words, but while I was in the shop I wrote another 100. So I have changed it now.

Watched a good programme yesterday about Ken Dodd, he was in bookshops looking for jokes and joke books!!! (I wonder if he will come across any of mine?)

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