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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Elephant Fleas

Wrote 800 words of The Tower today. They have killed everything up to level three. Also researched the Nephilim on the Internet. The current thinking is that the giants that the Israelites
saw first in the Holy Land were 36 feet tall, based on the size of the grapes! Also Barak Obama, Angela Merkl, Sarcoze etc have all been to Afghanistan to see the 5,000 year old space ship/time travel device. And this is all before April the 1st. I wonder if the soldiers who vanished into time
while trying to dig the thing up will ever come back?

Watched Frank Gorshin on YouTube. He was the Riddler in the 60s Batman. What's the difference between elephants and fleas? Elephants can have fleas but fleas cannot have elephants!

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