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Saturday, 15 March 2014

The funniest Joke

I didn't do my blog last night or my re Tweeting :( However I did manage to write 223 words of The Tawa when I got home.

I told the funniest joke to three people yesterday and they all laughed, some quite heartily. It has been voted the funniest joke by Daily Mail readers. I did see it on Youtube a couple of weeks back, it is from the 1960's so you may have heard it.

This woman gets on a bus and the bus driver says, "You can't sit at the front with that ugly baby, you might scare the other passengers. Sit at the back."
The woman was fuming by the time she got to the back and sat next to a man. "Do you believe that, he called my baby ugly"
The man replied, "You go and tell him off while I hold your monkey!"

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