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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Cycling to the Wall

Today I cycled into York and searched around for some crayons in various shops. I had to go to the pound shop to get some. Then I did some brass rubbing on the city walls while chatting to an older couple from London. I also took some photos before it started to rain a little. Didn't do any writing in Starbucks as I was planning to (only 6 lines of trying to decide where the story is going to go next.)

Tonight I have been chopping up the letters from the brass plate to create The Victoria Conspiracy. It doesn't look too bad but I will have to decide whether to chop it close to the letters, keep the divots in or make it black and white like the picture in the middle.

Today's joke is:

What sits in a tree and says, "I'm a pear."

A crazy apple!

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