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Monday, 1 July 2013

Steampunk Joke!!!

Today I worked all day on the new cover for TST. I Made up the gun and painted the handle so that it looked wooden (and possibly leather). I made a widget to go inside it so that the barrels would not fall out. I made one steampunk goggle and fitted a piece of perspex into it from an old cut up CD case. I used the other silver goggle with a piece of the CD case that didn't work out too well for the other side. Sellotaped them together. Cut a slot in the gold one and threaded some elastic through. Positioned the silver one at the back. Drew a rough, then an ink picture, in the sketch book my Mother-in-law bought me from the Lake district, it was of the world transporter machine. Set everything up, had to use my T shirt as part of the background. The picture looked really good, but there is a problem. Just over half of my friends on Facebook like the temporary cover!!! I was going to use that one for the release of the Victorian Adventure Society short story I was going to publish. What to do?

Today's steampunk joke is:

What's the difference between Victorian science fiction and Steampunk?

One's history that might have been the other hisses and makes a din!

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