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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Memory techniques

Soooooooooo.... Did some memory techniques to memorise a script I am learning. Used the peg method (I think I first started learning it when I was 13!!!) with the picture method. When I showed the picture link method to a friend, with a list of 10 things, and did it she called me a cheat! (I wonder if Harry Lorayne was ever called a cheat?) Brain feels like I've had a work out. Needed lots of naps to recuperate. I couldn't find my copy of 'How to Develop a Super Powered Memory' so looked at the one for FREE on the internet.

I have just reTweeted those who have reTweeted me and put the next part of TST on Wattpad. Nearly at 1,000 reads already! Caught one spelling error, I spelled Charlie with a small c.

Today's joke is:

How do you catch a gorilla?

Climb a tree and make a noise like a banana!

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