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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

More Memory Techniques.

Seeing as my blog seemed to be so successful yesterday I have decided to explain the picture link method of memory to you. This should be good with shopping lists etc.

I will write a random list of 10 things.

Now then, LOOK AWAY! (You haven't looked away yet, good, because I wanted to tell you to try to remember the list when you have looked away! After you try to remember you can look back.)

How many did you get right?

Now to the method. You need to make a picture in your mind about the first thing on the list, then make this interact with the next item with another picture. So see a dog on a bicycle. Next link the dog to a bench. See the dog riding the bicycle and crashing into a bench. Then see the bench breaking up and reforming into a top hat. On top of the top hat you see some eggs in a nest. The eggs fall off of the nest and crash onto the roof of the house. A giant picks up a telephone receiver off the top of the house. As he is speaking into the mouthpiece a bee stings him on the lips. He swats the bee and it falls, dead, onto a chair. A man sits on the bee, in the chair and smokes a very big pipe.

Now try saying the list again, remembering the pictures.

I bet you got all of them right this time.

One added piece of advice, if you make the pictures in your mind unusual, mildly violent or over big or small then they are easier to remember!

Today's joke is:

What is the saddest creature in the sea?

A blue whale!

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