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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Da Da!

Managed to finish my steampunk goggles (sort of.) When I did the picture for the front cover of The Sun Thief I only used one gold tin, the other was the silver sample I made to work the design out. I put a piece of elastic on the gold one and balanced a piece near the other one. I stuck them together with Sellotape, (Scotch tape if you're in America.) Today I cut a hole in the silver one for the other piece of elastic and two holes for the nose piece in both goggles. I sewed the centre piece of elastic to itself and tied the other two pieces of elastic together. Da da!

Took photos of my grandson with them on and could not get my granddaughter to wear them, that is not until I said to her, as she wanted to go to the car with me, she could come if she allowed me to take a photo of her with them on. It worked, I now have 5 photos of her wearing them and smiling!

Today's joke is:

Where do beavers keep their money?

In a river bank!

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