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Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Fifth Element

I do not usually blog on a Sunday but I have a coincidence to tell of. This morning I went to a car boot sale. On a stall I saw a special edition Fifth Element DVD. It had two discs and was in a special cardboard packet. I bid the lady down to £1.25. I told her it was one of my favourite films and I hadn't seen it as a DVD before. When I got to another stall inside I saw another one, not as good, for a pound. I told that lady that I had got a good deal on the first one and I couldn't believe I had seen two copies in one day.

When I was driving home with my wife I asked her if she would like to see The fifth Element. She said no, so I said I would see it with my son.

When we entered the house my son said, "Look what's on TV mum, I'm watching The Fifth Element!!! (It was on Channel 5.)

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