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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Panther seen in York!

I typed in the last 100 words of Serasel the Smith and emailed it to myself. I also wrote a 300 word back story to the next bit of The Sun Thief and was then able to write about 200 words more of the story. The back story is called 'Charlie Cradwell and the living dinosaur'.

Now I heard that they were talking about big cats in England on Radio York earlier and so I rang them up to tell them about my future son-in-law's experience:-

I called in about 20 minutes ago. My daughter's boyfriend saw a giant cat on the cycle path in York about 4 years ago. He was cycling towards Somerfield on the cycle path. This big black cat was as big as a dog. He cycled as fast as he could away from the cat. He was stopped by police who asked him to pull in at Somerfield because he was cycling so fast. They asked him if he had been drinking or on drugs. He said he had drunk a Relentless energy drink and had seen a giant black cat on the cycle path.

They didn't use my piece so I have decided to put it on my blog instead.

They also asked for experiences in old buildings that had been sealed up for a long time mine was:-

In the early 1980s some friends and I looked around Reevesby Abbey in Lincolnshire which was derelict. We wanted a large venue for the purposes of running a live role playing venture there. It had not been lived in since the late 1960s. When we accessed the main entrance hall we saw that a large portion of intricate plaster work had fallen from the roof causing hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage. When we went up to the next floor we passed floorboards that had rotted. On the top floor the previous owners had created a breakfast lounge there. In the domed window above two panes of glass were broken. The rainwater had flowed through the opening, through the floors below and destroyed the expensive ceiling in the entrance hall.

They didn't use that either. (A perfect example of a stitch in time saves nine.)

So today's elephant joke is:

What do you get if you cross an elephant with a worm?
Big holes in the garden!

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