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Saturday, 27 April 2013

McFlurry Vs Hash Browns

I went to the pound shop today to buy a writing pad. Because of my bad back I was totally unprepared to babysit today and so didn't take my writing stuff with me. However I got a charging lead for my wife's Samsung phone and one for her iPad. I was able to write 800 words of The Sun Thief though and that brings the total up to about 2,500 words or one of my chapters. Also found a hash browns sticker for free food outside McDonalds. I never go anywhere near a McDonalds before 10.30 so I don't think I'll ever cash it. Tried to swap it with a roadsweeper for a McFlurry token but he told me that he didn't want it and probably wouldn't be able to swap it with anyone.

Today's elephant joke is:

What's grey and has a trunk?
A mouse going on holiday.
(This is not strictly an elephant joke, it's just pretending to be!)

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