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Thursday, 15 May 2014

W and A

I used Microsoft Paint to cut up the lettering I had done for The Victoria Conspiracy and added a W and and an A, then positioned it in the centre of the plaque. I also cut and pasted some blocks of dints to cover the parts that looked untidy. I may clean it up even further later. I then cut out the picture of Lizzy and Kitty and replaced it with the picture I had created yesterday. I used the basic template I had created for TVC because, after all, it is a short story that will advertise TVC. I made it a little neater in places where I had accidentally cut the bottom of the picture off.

I am putting VAS on Amazon for FREE on Saturday, then following up with The Tawa after that (and TVC), then I need to work on the cover for AOT. I will not put Aurora, Texas on to advertise AOT, the first two should be enough for now.

I also managed to type in about 800 words of SAASA part 3.

Today's joke is:

I didn't like my beard at first, and then it grew on me!

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