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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A small tube pipe

  As you can see from the picture I had fun in the garden today trying to take a good photo of my model of the Tawa. I jammed a piece of spare metal into the grass from the sun room. Then I tied some cotton round it to hang the airship from the metal. I tied another around it to keep it from blowing in the wind. (The answer my friend...) The first few shots were facing into the sun meaning that the ship was very dark and you couldn't see much. So I decided to face it in the opposite direction to allow the sun to shine onto it. I had also set up a diorama with a slightly larger than scale female figure on a Hotchkiss cannon made from spaghetti and a small tube pipe I found outside in the street earlier. This didn't really work after I superimposed it in.
   I was planning to wipe all of the background out and make the ship bigger. However I quite liked how the ship seemed to be flying over my neighbour's houses. I deleted the telegraph wires, TV aerial and bits of cotton. I also added the two paddles at the back because they were not on the original.
  I also looked into my old files to try to find the title I had started working on, but no joy. I'll have to start again.

Today's joke is:

I've got a friend who is a lion tamer. He used to be a school teacher until he lost his nerve!

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