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Saturday, 3 May 2014


Yesterday I wrote 500 words of Aurora in Relish. I am now about half way through. Today I went to Free comic book day at Travelling Man in Goodramgate and got lots of free comics. And another coincidence.

I spoke to Will, the street artist who paints outside the minster. I told him it was free comic book day and he asked me if I had read the graphic novel Maus. I said I had read about the first 10 pages and that it was very dark, about the persecution of the Jews in the Second World War.

So I get in after collecting my comics from Relish and guess what? Maus is staring at me from the stool in the front room! My daughter had got it caught up in her stuff when she moved to Malton. She had cleared it out and given it back to my wife because she is moving to another house. I didn't know I didn't have it!

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